Vultr: Digital Ocean Cloud w/ 50% Savings

Vultr is now providing a “Digital Ocean” quality control panel and API with dozens of locations for half the price.

Compared to Digital Ocean the $5/mo offering has 2x the RAM (1GB vs 512MB), 25 GB of storage (compared to 30GB) and both have 1 vCore.

Notable features of Vultr include the ability to easily add and use startup scripts, uploading of custom ISO’s and – currently – free snapshots. All servers are billed hourly and can be created and destroyed on demand without  commitment.

Vultr uses KVM, Intel processors, SSD storage, and 1 Gbps network. All standard features are included such as automatic backups, local networking, ipv6, and – for an extra cost – fail over IP addresses.

It’s not disclosed, but the $2.50/mo offering is limited to a maximum of 2 instances. This is only a drawback when seeking a large number of micro nodes.

I have been using Vultr for over a year and very pleased with their service. I am even more excited with the new price range providing me with 50% savings. Vultr is a great choice for both new-comers to the cloud as well as veteran cloud automagitions.

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