Add Fingerprint Login to Your Windows Desktop for Under $50

For a while I was in search of a biometric fingerprint reader to use with my desktop which runs Windows 10. This function was primary needed at work where I frequently lock and unlock my PC but has been very useful at home too. All the desktop fingerprint readers were over priced and lacked quality.

I eventually gave in and tested a USB fingerprint reader and USB extension cable. The read was almost instant, worked almost every time at many different angles. After 6 months of use I am still very please and have recommended this to many satisfied friends.

The Setup

I use the USB fingerprint reader with a desktop USB extension cable. The total cost for me with Amazon Prime including tax was $41.41 .

At Home

At Work

The base is very sturdy and holds the fingerprint reader straight up.

Fingerprint Reader – $29.99

USB Extension Cable – $7.99

More Details

Tested working with:

  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows 10 Enterprise

Note: Enterprise requires administrative access to enable PIN login.

No third party drivers were required.

PS: If you have tested this with any other software configuration please post your results in the comments below. Thanks.

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