Automate Manual Payments with Bill Pay

In once sentence, automate your rent and other checks with your banks Bill Pay for free.

These days almost everything allows you to configure automatic payments. There are still a few occasions when you need to write a check. In many cases landlords and other services still only accept check payments. Most major banks provide a free Bill Pay service that can be used to manually or automatically send checks to recipients with custom memos.


Bill Pay can allow you to do the following:

  • Automatically send checks to designated payees.
  • Send them manually or on a recurring schedule.
  • Pay other bills, get notifications, reminders and alerts.

Getting Started

First you need to make sure your bank supports Bill Pay. You log into your banks portal and look for a Bill Pay section. For a list of banks that support Bill Pay see this article:

The steps will be somewhat different based on your bank but the process is about the same and very simple.

  1. Setup Bill Pay at your banks website.
  2. Add payee’s you wish to send payments too.
  3. Send a one-time payment or setup recurring payments.
  4. Set an amount and custom memo to appear on the check.
  5. Choose a send-on and receive-by date for the check to be sent.

Your bank will mail a check to the payee’s address for the amount you specify. You may be able to configure alerts and notifications for the payments.


Stop writing checks for rent and other recurring services. If your bank does not support Bill Pay I suggest you look for a good one that does. While I do not recommend one of the Big Four you can get $200 to open a Chase checking account.

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