Uber Visa has 4% at Restaurants and Mobile Phone Protection

The Uber Visa provides unlimited 4% at restaurants, 3% on travel, $600 mobile phone protection and much more all for no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees.


Similar Offer Notice

Wells Fargo has a similar offer from American Express, the Propel Card. This provides the same mobile phone protection and 3% cash back on Restaurants, Flights, Hotels, Gas Stations, Car Rentals, and Transit:



  • $0 Annual Fee
  • 0% Foreign Transaction Fee


  • $100 Signup Bonus. Just charge $500 within the first 90 days.

Cash Back

  • 4% Cash Back at Restaurants and UberEATS. Basically anything that shows up as a restaurant on your statement like DoorDash, etc.
  • 3% Cash Back at Hotels, Airlines and Vacation Home Rentals. If you don’t already have a travel card this is pretty for no annual fee.
  • 2% Cash Back on Online Purchases. This category seems a bit blurry but things like Netflix, Spotify, etc. would probably qualify. You can also get unlimited 2% cash back with a card like the Citi Double Cash.

Other Benefits

  • $600 Mobile Phone Protection. Has a $25 deductible with max 2 uses per year for a total of $1,150 in protection annually. See below…
  • $50 online subscription credit if you spend $5,000 a year. See below…
Mobile Phone Protection

On top of the above cash back, you also get mobile phone insurance up to $600 per claim a maximum of twice a year for a total of $1,200/year in protection. While $600 wont cover the full cost of a new phone, it is quite a large discount with only a $25 per claim deductible. This also works as additional coverage on top of any existing coverage and can be used for any remaining replacement charges up to $600.

Online Subscription Credit

Additionally, If you manage to charge $5,000 a year on this card you will also qualify for $50 a year in online subscription credit. I can easily hit that with restaurants and a cell phone bill. For some it might be a challenge to do if you only use it for restaurants and your phone, but if you also charge at least one vacation a year it should be easy to achieve.

For full details on the benefits please see this FAQ:


For full terms and conditions please review this:


Personally I do not use Uber and have no plans to use Uber. I am only seeking this card for the cash back and mobile phone protection.

More Details

If you plan on applying for this credit card (or any credit card) make sure your credit is in good shape first. Barclay’s has discontinued their pre-approval form so you can not check before applying. The most important factor is Credit Utilization, so if necessary pay down your balances ahead of time and before your statement dates. For more information on monitoring your credit see this article (the advanced section has more about preparing for an application):


Barclays usually does a Trans Union pull when possible (may vary based on location). I also believe they use your FICO 8 Score (I will have more verification on this soon) which you can check for free (see above article).

For additional information about Barclays Credit Cards see this article:


Disclaimer: I am not yet a card owner but plan on applying for this card very soon.

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