Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card

Wells Fargo has updated the Propel with a competitive offer for 2018. The card has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, and a very large unlimited 3% cash back category.


Similar Offer Notice

The Uber Visa is similar card with a focus on Restaurants from Barclays. It provides 4% unlimited cash back at restaurants, 3% on airlines and hotels plus the same mobile phone protection package:



  • $0 Annual Fee
  • 0% Foreign Transaction Fee


  • $300 Signup Bonus after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months.

Cash Back

  • 3% Cash Back on Restaurants, Hotels, Flights, Transit, Car Rentals, Gas Stations and some Streaming Services.

Travel: Airline, passenger railway, hotel/motel, timeshares, vehicle/auto rental, cruise lines, travel agencies, discount travel sites, campgrounds, passenger trains, taxis, limousines, ferries, toll bridges and highways, parking lots and garages.
Gas: Gas station and automated fuel dispensers.
Dining: Eating places and restaurants, drinking places, or fast food restaurants.
Streaming: https://www.wellsfargo.com/credit-cards/propel/streaming/

Other Benefits

  • $600 Mobile Phone Protection. Has a $25 deductible with max 2 uses per year for a total of $1,150 in protection annually.


Travel Drawbacks

While there are tons of unlimited 3% cash back categories this card has no real travel perks. You wont be getting TSA Pre, Airport Lounges, etc. with this card; however, you wont pay an annual fee either. So if you travel frequently and need real travel benefits you may need a better card for your primary travel card.

While American Express has quite a large acceptance rate its still not as high as Visa or MasterCard. So when traveling you will need another card type as a backup. You should never rely on a single card when traveling due to high chances of triggering fraud detection as well as actual fraud or other technical issues.

More Details

Cash Back

Wells Fargo uses Points for this card. Each 100 points is worth $1. So 3x points means 3% cash back. You can redeem your points for statement credit (cash back) in $25 increments. You can also use them for other things through Go Far Rewards.

Wells Fargo Visa Signature Card Combo

If you have the Wells Fargo Visa Signature Card (the new REWARDS version and not the old CASH BACK version) then you can transfer your points from the Propel card to the Signature Card and redeem your points for 50% more on Flights through Go Far Rewards. So if you use your points to buy flights through Go Far Rewards you could get 4.5 points (4.5% cash back) per dollar spent. I have the old CASH BACK Signature Card and have not been able to test this yet.

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