Computer Builds

My New PC

I have not purchased this yet, but plan too order this soon:


With the arrival of the X-Series processors from Intel, its very clear the best bang for your buck is the i7-7820X. This provides ample performance and can be squeezed into a sub $2K PC.


The ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E is a pretty solid FCLGA2066 socket motherboard with all the connections I need. There is a Deluxe version but itsĀ  a bit more pricey.


G.SKILL TridentZ Series is slightly taller than traditional G.SKILL dimms, but this is 3200 MHz RAM makes use of the extra large heat spreader. I chose the white/black to match the case.


This includes the latest M.2 SSD slot with the Samsung 960 EVO. While there is a Pro version available, the performance is only slightly better and not worth the extra dollar.


I chose the proven Fractal Design Define R5 due to its quiet 140mm fans all around with plenty of room for a large cooler. There are many other case options available with fully customizable designs and support for things like RGB.


It includes the air cooler due to providing better cooling performance and lower noise output compared to water coolers. Water cooling looks cool, but does not cool as well, and makes more noise.


The Seasonic PRIME TITANIUM 750W PSU is more than enough to power what will be going in this PC.

Streaming PC

If you are looking for a new streaming PC, the i7-7820X also provides ample power for compressing video. This is a more sensible build designed for a streaming PC:



You will need a sound mixer if you use a streaming PC. This one has all the functionality you need for a streaming PC:

Buzz Box

If you get any humming or interference on any of your outputs due to going from digital to analog back to digital, you will need some buzz boxes in the mix like these:


You will want to get a studio microphone that is not USB. This is an affordable mic with great sound quality: